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Wadi Gnai


All the routes are closely bolted. The lower-offs for routes 1-7 consist of two chains linked by a large maillon. Routes 8 and 9 have a dodgy bolt and piton, but continue past those to two further (and rather more secure) bolts. Routes 10-12 have two bolts each with a maillon on each bolt. All the routes are around 20m with the exception of Bedouin Take Away which is around 26m (but is possible on a 50m rope if you strip the route as you descend) and Hampus Digit which is around 29m.

There are a few bolts above Bedouin Take Away to enable access to the top, they are on loose rock, and fairly widely spaced.

Routes are described left to right.

  • 1.Kid’s Dream 3a 8 Bolts. Easy scramble up the left to right diagonal rib. Lower-off shared with Bedouin Dinner and Mundi’s Snack.
  • 2.Bedouin Dinner 4c Follow the crack straight up, more vertical than it looks.
  • 2.a Bedouin Dinner Light 4b 9 Bolts. An easier variation, escape to the left just before the ‘roof’ of Bedouin Dinner.
  • 3.Mundi’s Snack 5a A fine, fingery crack line between Bedouin Dinner and Bedouin Take Away. Unbolted at present.
  • 4.Bedouin Take Away 5b/c 11 Bolts. A meandering line following the positive hand and foot placements.
  • 5.Heartbeat 5b/c 12 Bolts (inc. 1 extra long on bolt 9). The slab route to the right of the obvious crack. Believe in the friction!
  • 6.Who Ate The Bolt? 6b 10 Bolts. The main line up the centre of the slab.
  • 7.Hala’s Camel 6b+/c 9 Bolts. Follow the vertical crack up to the water carved half pipe.
  • 8.The Entertainer 6c+/7a The left hand line up the top waterfall.
  • 9.Right Waterfall 6c+/7a The right hand line up the top waterfall.
  • 10.Hampus Digit 6a+ 13 Bolts. The line of the crag. Start at the base of Hala’s Camel for three bolts, then traverse along the horizontal break, heading up the crack next to the frictionless slab.
  • 11.Oasis 6b The second pitch of Hampus Digit. Head up the centre of the wall to the right.
  • *January 2010 a large section came away to the left of the line, so staying on route (close to the bolts) is advised*
  • 12. Shwia Shwia 6b+ (7a?) Two variations, the right being slightly more protected.
easy rock climbing near Dahab

Wadi Gnai

Wadi Connection

This crag is directly in front of the checkpoint, permission maybe required before climbing, but the police are often happy just to have some entertainment.

Routes 1-6 are on the East side of the road, and get the sun in the morning even in winter, 7 and 8 are on the West side, and are more shaded.

It is possible to descend after one or two pitches on all the routes.

Routes are described left to right.

  • 1.1st Pitch 4a 12m 6 bolts. A good warm-up slab route up the crack on the far left of the crag. 6th bolt loose.
  • 2nd Pitch 6a 28m 9 bolts. A good inital start gives way to loose rock further up.
  • 2 bolts at top- no chain. Not recommended!
  • 2.1st Pitch 5c+ 26m 13 bolts. Friction start leads to big holds, more of a ‘power’ route than most in the area. Slings (4ft)/long quickdraws needed on bolts 3 and 11.
  • 2nd Pitch Unknown 10m.
  • 3.1st Pitch 6a 26m 10 bolts. Easy angled slab with very fine, delicate moves.
  • 2nd Pitch 6c 26m 13 bolts. Continue up the right face and around the corner onto the main face for maximum exposure! Long traverse to the right is made slightly less intimidating by closely spaced bolts. Watch out for rope drag around the corner! *It is JUST possible to abseil down to the lower off of pitch one on route 4 on a stretched 60m rope.*
  • 4.1st Pitch 4c 20m 4 bolts. High first bolt, the rest widely spaced.
  • 2nd Pitch 7b? 30m. Straight up the crackline on the main face.
  • 5.1st Pitch 4a 22m 5 bolts. High first bolt, the rest widely spaced.
  • 2nd Pitch 6b+ 15m 7 bolts. Head straight up the obvious hand jam crack to the large belay ledge. Another ‘power’ route, with an overbearing feel. More vertical than it looks.
  • 3rd Pitch ?? 20m.
  • 6.1st Pitch 6b 24m 10 bolts. An easy slab start, progressing steadily more difficult to the steeper crux at the top. Sling (4ft)/long quickdraw recommended on bolt 4. A good alternative start to route 5.
  • 7.1st Pitch 4a? 20m 2 bolts!
  • 8.1st Pitch 4b? 25m 5 bolts, 1st bolt loose.
  • 2nd Pitch 15m No bolts, just stance?!
Rock Climber at Wadi Gnai

Wadi Gnai

Camel Canyon

Routes are a mix of trad with bolted stations, fully bolted and trad with the odd bolt.

This area is still being worked on, there are plenty of new routes to be had. Top out’s on the whole are not possible due to the loose nature of the rock higher up.

Routes are described left to right.

  • 1. Burning Camel 6a+/5.10b 20-25m. Sport Slippery layback up through an overhanging crack to hand crack and flakes above (bolted belay, 5 bolts on route). Belle classique! Roger Buser and Laura Knogler.
  • 2.The Sensitive Drummer 5+ 25m. Sport Sloping grade 5 ledges lead to an exposed boulder (5+) beyond which there is easier low angled slab (4-4+). Bolted belay, 6 bolts on route. Roger Buser, Rhonda Shippy and Laura Knogler.
  • 3.The Sand-Witch 6a/b? Start in the corner (bridging), up above small roof to the right in 2nd corner. To ledge. Climb last face (2 moves) to belay. Remi Tourmier and Roger Buser.
  • 4.First Bolt 20m 6a+? Follow the slab straight up to bolted station on the right. Unfinished project.
  • 5.Smokey Broadsides 45m Climb the block to the ledge and up the crack, head to the right to a small ledge and traverse right up the ramp to the corner crack to a bolted belay. Charles Upton and Rhonda Shippy.
  • 6.Castle Anthrax 5 20m. Go up bulgy corner. 4 bolts, to 2 bolt anchor. Rhonda Shippy and Charles Upton.
  • 7.Camel-lot 6a 20m. Up the crack! Small crux at the beginning. 2nd crux after 5m, then very easy to belay. Remi Tourmier and Shu Gok.
  • 8.Africa King 6b/c 15m. 2 bolts and small cams for the top. Big move (6b if tall, 6c if short!). Climb to the anchors. Patrick Davey.
  • 9.Africa Queen 5- 15m. Climb the crack to the right of 2 bolts to stance and bolt belay. Patrick Davey and Lauren Walters.
  • 10.Up Periscope Follow obvious crack on left side of crack. Small wires to protect. Rhonda Shippy and Charles Upton.
  • 11.Dive, Dive, Dive! Climb up slab to the right of crack to 2 bolt anchor. Top rope.
Best rock climb in Dahab

Wadi Gnai

Middle Gnai

No. Name Grade Type of Climbing
1 Judy 3+ Wall Climbing on black basalt
2 Katia 5b Wall Climbing
3 Inka 5a Wall Climbing
4 Melina 5b Wall Climbing
5 Mariam 4a Corner/Piaz
6 Anna 4b Wall Climbing
7 Simone 4a Corner
8 Lena 6a / 4a Little Roof
9 Fatima 5b Little Overhang
10 Nora 4a Crack / Wall
11 Fola 3- Mixed
Wadi Gnai

Wadi Gnai

Little Hampi


  • 1. No More Surf
  • 2. Bang Bang 7a+
  • 3. Doorstep 4+
  • 4. Welcome Party 5+
  • 5. Party Slab 6a
  • 6. Irrashaimase 6a
  • 7. Goats of Moubarak
  • 8. Cornershop (peak) 6b
  • Cornershop Right 4+
  • 9. Digital
  • 10. Aerodynamique
  • 11. Digital Lip
  • 12.
  • 13.
  • 14. Mordor
  • 15. Crack Den 6a
  • 16. Meilleur, Mieux
  • 17. Elephant Traverse 6a+
  • 18. Mari Peme
  • 19. Lotus Flower
  • 20.
  • 21.
  • 22.
  • 23.
  • 24. Cold, Cool, Warm, Hot
  • 25. Search for the Blue Yeti
  • 26. Yeti
  • 27. Yeti Slab
  • 28. Meshi Gabeshi 4+
  • 29. Shewarma-el-Sheikh
  • 30. Sharma-el-Sheikh
  • 31. Rock Away Beach
  • 32. Heartbreak Hotel 6a
  • 33. Silly Slab 6c
  • 34. Silly Billy 7a
  • 35. Jumping Slab 6a+
  • 36. More Core
  • 37. Sahara Slab 4+
  • 38. Monomovimento
  • 39. Marmarea Slab 5+
  • 40. Dynamite
  • 41. Ishta 6a
  • 42. Chili Crimp
  • 43. Hueco 5c
  • 44. Bikini Dyno
  • 45. Main, Pied, Talent 6a+
Bouldering Dahab


  • 1. Sixty Metre Slab
  • 2. 100 Metre Slab
  • 3. Zu Fiele Knoblauch
  • 4. Nic’s Line
  • 5. Salamalekum Moses
  • 6. Holy Moses!
  • 7. Dressed as Mephistopheles
  • 8. Stuck Up
  • 9. Mumkin Slab (finish ledge)
  • 10. Flap Slap (finish ledge)
  • 11. Throw Them to the Lions Traverse
  • 12. Fun Things (finish ledge)
  • 13. Bint
  • 14. Picnic
  • 15. Kurdish Toffee
  • 16. Gumshoe
  • 17. Tons and Tons (finish far right)
  • 18. Throw Them to the Lions!
  • 19. Waterfall
  • 20. Mr Bean
  • 21. Mahamudra
  • 22. Mr Feginan
  • 23. Haha-lala
  • 24. Bellevue
  • 25. Bushido
  • 26. Mr. Miyagi
  • 27. Wax on, Wax off
  • 28. Annelie from Montmartre
  • 29. Seashell Slab
  • 30. Gulf Shores
  • 31. Minor Place
  • 32. Chop Shop
Bouldering Wadi Gnai

Graffiti Boulder

  • 1.Graffiti Traverse
  • 2. Pick n Mix
  • 3. Science Friction
  • 4. Half Moon
  • 5. Half Spoon
  • 6. Spoonvich (finish on jug rail)